Nocturnal Entertainment Australia


Flowerworks was developed and published by NEA in 2008-2009. It is available for download on PC, and is also available for the Nintendo Wii(tm) on WiiWare. A WiiU version is currently in development. Visit the Flowerworks website for screenshots and more information on Flowerworks.

Catapult was a software development platform for the GBA (Gameboy Advance (tm)). It was developed by Nocturnal, and released to market in the years 2002-2006. This is now considered a legacy application, as the GBA has been replaced by the Nintendo DS(tm).

Ultimate Arcade Games (or UAG for short) is a compilation of twelve arcade games that was developed by Nocturnal (using our Catapult platform), and released as a single Gameboy Advance(tm) product. UAG was published by Telegames in 2005. It is available for purchase in the US from major retailers, or directly from Telegames.

Nocturnal retains the IP rights to each of the individual games (plus their titles), whereas Telegames owns the overall IP for the "Ultimate..." brand.

Visit the Telegames website for screenshots and more information on Ultimate Arcade Games.